Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Blackwater Bogged Down

Even with support from Crazy Dana, it seems that Blackwater could not convince the good people of Potrero, CA from slapping them down a peg or two.
EAST COUNTY – Five members of the Potrero planning group were voted off the panel Tuesday night in a recall election that served as a symbolic referendum on a controversial training camp proposed by Blackwater Worldwide.

The five incumbents all supported the proposed facility.

As the five were ousted, five candidates on an anti-Blackwater slate were voted in to replace the incumbents on the rural town's planning group.
I wonder what group of "outsiders" Rohrabacher will blame for not supporting his friends.

OOOPS. I forgot, Rohrabacher is an outsider.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

California Energy Commission vs Dana Rohrabacher.

I would love to see that in court, or even in a good debate. But then, it would hardly be fair. To paraphrase Rush, the Commission could win that debates "Half theit brain tied behind their back just to make it fair."

We all know that Dana is so certain that Global Warming comes from dinasaur flatulence. However, the Energy Commission, all but one of which were appointed by Schwarzenegger, just took the most important action against Global Warming that could be taken. In a unanimous decision, they approved a new 2007 Integrated Energy Policy Report (PDF - 301 pages).

One key element in this is that it opens the door for communities to change their current permitting and planning processes for new buildings and major renovation. In fact, the targets that the Energy Commission set are the most stringent in the nation.

I am just waiting to hear Dana and the various Chambers of Commerce cry about their being too stringent and that it will hurt growth in California. Well with our water problems now, that might not be all bad.

Now, I wonder when the Republicans down here recognize that the real dinosaur is name Dana. Dana the Dinosaur. It is just like the Republicans in Richard Pombo's district who didn't like him, thought he was out of touch, but would not take a stand against him because the didn't want to lose that district. So, they kept Pombo and the lost the district because of it.

The time will come when that is true of Rohrabacher also. Maybe this year?