Thursday, April 17, 2008

Figuring out Dana

I have long had a problem with trying to understand how Congressman Rohrabacher, ostensibly an intelligent man, could go in for such stunts as his frequently ridiculed dinosaur fart comments about global warming. I think that I finally got it.

We have all know that much of Dana's historic campaign funding has come from Libertarian leaning Energy Executive, Charles Koch. What most do not connect is the fact that the Koch family, owners of the largest privately held Corporation in America, Koch Industries. Charles Koch and his brother David are both listed (19) among the top 20 Richest Americans by Forbes Magazine. That spread their wealth around and are the source of funds for a few of the think tanks that have grown up around Washington. They contributed heavily to the start of the Cato Institute.

One of Charles Koch's more recent activities involves a new organization called Americans for Prosperity, a group that professes to be a grassroots organization but is heavily funded by Koch. Guess what, they are playing the same type of games over global warming with the latest stunt being the use of a hot air balloon to signify that global warming is just a bunch of "hot air".

Now, in case you have not heard of Koch Industries, they are a really big deal in energy production.

So, what we really have from Dana Rohrabacher is the vocalization of a puppet, with Koch pulling the strings to make sure that the word gets out. The vaunted independent streak of Crazy Dana is a sham. He is more dependent than independent, dependent on Koch for support.

When we look at the way most people have to struggle to get by, at the way that our government is pushing us into selling America to pay for an ill-advised war while we wonder how we can pay the mortgage, it is hard to see Crazy Dana as one of the common folks like us, not when he has Koch's $ Billions behind him. The only American Prosperity that Rohrabacher wants is for his buddy Charles and the hope that soem trickles down to himself.