Monday, June 25, 2007

Republicans war on aliens takes a direct hit.

What is Congressman Crazy going to do with all of his Republican supporters? I suggest that they should start vetting their party leadership with Homeland Security.

While Rohrabacher is whipping up a frenzy about the two Border Agents who shoot people in the back, we find that the California Republican Party leadership likes to hire Aliens, those who come to the US to take jobs that no one else would do.

This entire debacle starts with the revelation that California Republican Party could not find a reliable political consultant in the entire State and had to hire a Canadian names Chris Matthews. No, it is not the Hardball guy.

Of course, this was reported by the "biased" liberal San Francisco Chronicle. That is opposed to the "not biased" Orange County Register, whose lack of bias decided that there is no story here. But, wait a minute, the California Republican Party hit back. According to the political blog at the Chronicle the response came quickly.
"The press is trying to portray Republicans as racist (see the "brown menace" quote in the story) when we discuss illegal immigration," Michael Kamburowski, the party's recently hired chief operating officer, said in a letter to the state party's executive board, "yet when we promote individuals who have displayed great skills but who just happen to hail from another country, we are pegged as hypocrites."
That was a big mistake, because Kamburowski is himself, not from the good ol' U S of A. He is in fact, an Australian. He is, in fact, here illegally, having been ordered deported in 2001. He is, in fact another hypocrite. Even Michelle Malkin leads her story with "What a feaking mess." That seems to sum up the California Republican Party right now.

So, what does Congressman Crazy do? He continues his crusade to free Border Agents Ramos and Compean. Lets all ask the Daily Pilot why one is a story and the other is not. Let's ask the OC Register why they don't consider the resignation of the Chief Operating Officer for the California Republican Party to be a story worth covering.

Malkin was right. What a freaking mess.

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