Sunday, February 24, 2008

What does a conservative belle think of Dana?

Well, one Conservative Belle is not too happy with him. I quote from her post today.
They frantically scramble for pork projects like they are starving and looking for bread crumbs to lap up. Greedy and desperate. But they have all the justification in the world when they need to defend their own projects, while hypocritically pointing fingers at other.
"I think the whole earmark debate has to be looked at with a skeptical eye on the part of the public," said Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, R-Huntington Beach, whose district covers parts of Long Beach.

Rohrabacher, who helped secure $16.9 million in earmarks, said he favors cutting spending and stronger disclosure rules.

But, he said, he does not want the administration to make the final decision about the flow of all federal dollars.

"If all we're doing is shifting the power to spread a certain amount of money from elected officials to un-elected officials ... that's no great benefit to the taxpayers," he said.
Waxman said he already has begun informing Los Angeles municipalities, hospitals, nonprofits and other groups that he will not be seeking money for them this year.

The 15-term lawmaker said he doesn't believe the decision will hurt his re-election efforts.

But some other local lawmakers said they don't intend to follow Waxman's lead and give up pet projects.

Rohrabacher, for one, called Waxman's decision "meaningless" unless Congress decreases the overall level of government spending. Source: Long Beach Press-Telegram
Right. By all means, do not lead by example, Mr. Rohrabacher. This 'do as I say, not as I do' rhetoric and behavior have nothing to do with the pitifully low ratings of Congress, of course. Americans have to be angry about something else, like how many steroids are being injected into sports players. Meaningless things like that provoke our ire.
And, as her final jab, our Conservative Belle lays it on the line like Scarlett O'Hara.
Hasn't Rep. Rohrabacher recognized that taxpayers are disgusted with their behavior? For crying out loud, even Henry Waxman gets it. Sheesh.
I guess Conservative Belle is not used to California ways and Ronnie's 11th Commandment. That is Reagan, not Nehring. The latter has not learned to count to 11 as his finances seem to indicate.

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