Friday, October 10, 2008

Rohrabacher in Emergency Mode

Well, it must be an emergency when they have to bring in Jon Voight to headline a fundraiser. Now we know that Voight is one of those spreading the word that Obama will usher in a new Socialist regime. Now, when Dana needs Deliverance from Voight, he has to know that he is in the middle of something new... a contested race.

I found out about this when I noted it being hyped around Republican circles by Ron Nehring. Now Nehring and Dana have a lot in common, especially their friendships with Jack Abramonff.

Now, if Obama is expected to answer question about William Ayers who was politically active when Obama was 8 years old, why aren't Nehring and Rohrabacher being asked to explain just how much they have changed since playing footsie with Jack. Fair is Fair.

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