Saturday, October 4, 2008

Dana's sense of strategy seems to be getting tone deaf.

Total Buzz at the OC Register had an entry about Dana and Sarah Palin. I find it worth quoting.
“We remember all the negative things they said about somebody else,” Rohrabacher said to the crowd at the Palin rally in Carson. “His name was Ronald Reagan. I can guarantee that the same way Ronald Reagan saved America in 1982, Sarah Palin and John McCain will save America when they get to the White House.”
I think that it is time for Dana to go have his hearing checked. Sarah Palin is to Ronald Reagan as high school garage band is to the Rolling Stones.

In fact, if Dana is lining up to join in this game of trivial pursuit, then he is compounding his problem. While Reagan may be a hero, every single person who watched the interview with Gibson or Couric and saw her performance in the debate with Biden must know by now just what she lacks. Here is a link to what serious media in the UK said about her. The piece is headlined "Flirting Her Way to Victory".
Sarah Palin's farcical debate performance lowered the standards for both female candidates and US political discourse.
That was the kind part...
Evidently, Palin's pre-debate handlers judged her incapable of speaking on a fairly wide range of subjects, and so instructed to her to simply disregard questions that did not invite memorised talking points or cutesy filibustering. They probably told her to play up her spunky average-ness, which she did to the point of shtick - and dishonesty.
Dana, you have to show us better judgment than this. Or, if your ear is really that tone deaf, then I would guess the the Libertarian Troubadour sang off key as well.

Maybe Palin can win over all the Joe Sixpacks who will tell their wives to stay at home, keep their mouths shut and let him do the voting for the family. That is not the way to run a campaign when your opponent is an articulate woman with more experience in field of energy than Palin. You know, I have another idea. Why don't you have Palin come down and debated Debbie Cook on Energy Policy. That should be good for a few laughs.

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Eric Dondero said...

Sarah Palin is one hundred times better than Ronald Reagan, despite what Dana Rohrabacher says.

I like Dana very much. But many of us libertarians couldn't stomach Reagan's socially conservative agenda.

Palin is a solid libertarian, much more tolerant on social matters. She even attended a couple Libertarian Party meetings in Alaska.

The great thing about Palin is that she has appeal beyond conservatives on the Right. She appeals to us libertarians, as well. And that's something very hard for a Rightwing politician to accomplish these days.