Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Recent Votes

The more I study this Congressman, the more I am getting confused. I thought that I could learn a lot about what Crazy Dana has been doing by looking at his Congressional web site. Right there at the top, I see a menu and it links to his recent votes. Except the most recent vote listed there was on July 28, 2005.

Now, I ask you, what has Crazy Dana been doing for all of that time since then? I don't think that he has been surfing in the Potomac, though he probably thought about it.

We know that Crazy Dana goes to capital hill. I mean even Dena Bunis in the OC Register gives a good account of his talking to an empty House Chamber as if that meant something. Isn't talking to your self a sign of a mental problem?

So, where are the votes? I guess he isn't proud enough of them to tell us what he is really doing.

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Lynda said...

Either Dana doesn't pay a webmaster to update his site or he just doesn't take his job seriously. He's been my representative for approx. 20 years and it may be time to move on. His jokes about dinosaur farts being the cause of global warming is an insult to his constituents. The time for getting serious about our planet is long overdue for Dana.