Friday, April 20, 2007

Rohrabacher to European Union Delegation

There are many Americans who question what we are so much hated around the world. Maybe, it is because people all over the world have met the likes of Dana Rohrabacher, Congressman with the big mouth. The latest flap that came from his flapping lips is this quote: "I HOPE IT'S YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS THAT DIE" The recipients of his diatribe? Members of the European Union Parliament. The embarrassment? Every American's.

The subject was that of extraordinary rendition. That is the practice where the US government has it's agents go to other countries, kidnap citizens off the street and take them to secret prisons in countries that have no laws against torture.

This time, there was someone around to note what he said and the story has been written up so very well by US Army Reserves Colonel (Retired) Ann Wright. She gives a very illuminating picture of what happened.
At that point, I had had enough of Rohrabacher. I stood up and said "I did not serve 29 years in the US military and 16 years in the US diplomatic corps to see demise of the rule of law and violation of our own laws. Rohrback’s statements are outrageous. No wonder the world hates us!"

Chairman Delahunt gaveled for me to stop speaking and I was escorted by the police out of the committee room. I was not arrested.

Remarkably, I do agree with one thing Rohrabacker said. "They hate us."

Rohrabacker finished his sentence with "They hate us because they hate our way of life." Unfortunately, many people do hate us, but it’s not for our way of life.

Its for exactly the talk and actions that Rohrabacker and the Bush administration represent: illegal and unlawful actions, an arrogant attitude that America is always right and everyone else is wrong, that the world’s resources are for the exclusive use of the United States and we have the right to invade and occupy any country.”

Ann Wright is no starry-eyed young college student, filled with the dreams of youth. She is a veteran and you don't rise to the rank of Colonel without understand what violence begets.

If there were ever a single incident that tells us we need to reject Rohrabacher and his crazy ideas, this is it. I would have stood up with Col. Wright. I spent my time in the service. (Did Dana?) My brother was in Korea and Vietnam and eventually died in a VA Hospital, Springfield, MO. Lt. Colonel Rolley would have stood up and saluted Col. Wright, and he was a Rush Limbaugh fan.

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