Monday, April 16, 2007

Security Threats

It seems that people make the biggest fuss over the things that they are the most afraid of. We know that Dana Rohrbacher is afraid of so called " illegals", because he surely makes a great deal of fuss over that. We know that he is afraid of al Quaeda, because he surely makes a great deal of fuss over that.

But, according to the April 15 NY Times, Global Warming is a bigger threat to our national security than either of those two scary facts.
The report recommends that climate change be integrated into the nation’s security strategies and says the United States “should commit to a stronger national and international role to help stabilize climate changes at levels that will avoid significant disruption to global security and stability.”
When will California's Republican Congressional delegation wake up to the fact that it is not nice to fool Mother Nature. They, at least, should understand the national security implications. They should understand the implication of having a 100 million displaced people asking why the richest country in the world did nothing and just allowed this all to happen.

Almost without exception, these California Republicans tell us to stay the course in a failed Iraq war and fail to consider the costs of non-action on Global Warming. Most of these corporate legislators do not even mention global warming as an issue on their web site. Rohrbacher, at least, acknowledges that it may exist, if only to use it as the point of his crude humor.

Maybe, we should consider that the cost to the US economy of taking strong action regarding global warming is about what the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars are costing us, but the implications of losing this battle are far worse than the implications of losing face in Iraq.

It is time to get someone in congress who understands what the real threats are to our national security rather than some imagined Weapons of Mass Destruction. It is time that we had someone as our representative who could provide leadership rather than jokes. (Memo to Jay Leno... "Don't worry, his timing is not that great.")

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