Monday, April 9, 2007

We deserve better.

The 46th Congressional District is interesting. You have a mix of Long Beach and the more generally affluent Cities of Huntington Beach and Costa Mesa. However, for the last ten years, one unifying factor in the district has been the fact that it is represented in Washington by Dana Rohrabacher, a local character who has made a career out of being willing to open his mouth and say whatever he happens to be thinking at the moment and having no shame when he puts his foot in his mouth... again.

The people of this district deserve better.
Some might consider Rohrabacher colorful. We consider him dangerous. At a time when we need our government to solve problems, Rohrabacher would rather score points.

One has only to look at his Congressional Web Site, where he is using our taxpayer money to continue spinning the corporate line about Global Warming. In the face of the last two reports from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, both of which are very clear as to the consensus that the current rate of change in unprecedented and caused by human activity, Crazy Dana continues to spread the message of scientific doubt. The most recent report, Impacts, Adaptations and Vulnerabilty, makes it abundantly clear that Climate Change is not a future event. It is happening now and it is folly to blissfully ignore the consequences, as does Crazy Dana.

The people of this district deserve better.

We are going to use this site to point out where Congressman Rohrabacher ceases to be merely colorful and become just plain doofus.

We will enthusiastically search for a credible candidate to take on Crazy Dana and give this district the representation that it deserves.

We will consistently tell you the truth.

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